Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Museum Trip Report

Our trip to the Museum of the Moving Image surprised me greatly. What I thought was going to be a drab and lengthy museum tour quickly turned into a very interesting venture. Looking around the museum there was not one spot where something wasn't going on. It was crazy to see how far these devices have progressed from a 450 pound huge block of a camera, to having video cameras in the smallest of mobile phones now. The most interesting thing to me was probably the sound production exhibits they had, since I am interested in pursuing something in the sound production field. I participated in the automated dialog replacement exhibit where we dubbed over a scene from the movie Babe. Unfortunately my performance of the line “I want my mom” wasn't quite up to par with the original actor who played Babe the pig. It was interesting to stand in a replica of a ADR booth and record vocal dubs over a video. The Titanic sound effect exhibit was extremely interesting as well. I was shocked to find out that the sound of the smoke stack of the ship breaking was actually an elephant slowed down. The zoetrope exhibit blew my mind, it's crazy that something can look so different just by changing the light put on it. With the strobe light on the piece looked like some sort of stop motion animation moving downwards. When the lights were turned on however, it was revealed that the zoetrope was just spinning in a cycle. The strobe light was similar to the slits on a traditional zoetrope, only showing whatever frame was lit for that part of time. All these elements together created the illusion of a real time animation occurring right in front of us.

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