Monday, February 7, 2011

Artist Statement

Every time I watch a movie I think about how every single little sound was meant to be there. A film without a sound producer would be a silent film. Every time I listen to a song I absorb every aspect of sound that the artist put into his or her work. Music and audio interest me greatly since they can express such deep emotions upon listening. I would like to delve more deeply into the world of audio production and sound design to figure out how music can do such wonders. I have studied audio production before but I only have a shallow understanding in comparison to professionals. I have the utmost respect for people who provide soundtracks and sound effects for movies, among other things. They help shape the movie and set the mood. Without them people would have a tough time discerning the mood and tone of the scene they are watching. I'm interested in music and sound production because it is a form of media that invokes emotions simply with sound. The world needs a soundtrack and music provides that, without it life would be a very boring thing. The world needs music and that's what I want to give to them.

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